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Inspections & Cleaning Services to Eliminate Dangerous Creosote

Does your home have a chimney that you use from time to time? Do you remember the last time you had it inspected, cleaned, or maintained? The truth is every chimney should be inspected and cleaned annually, but the vast majority of homeowners do not schedule these crucial services because they don’t know they need them.

Here at Tri-County Services in Camarillo, we are on a mission to educate our customers and locals about the importance of fireplace maintenance by offering unbeatable services. Our highly trained team of industry professionals have the tools and experience needed to inspect fireplaces for defects and creosote dangers. When an issue is identified, we can get right to work to fix it, keeping you, your family, and your home safe and sound.

Give us a call at (805) 500-2944 if you need any of these fireplace services:

  • Inspection: The first thing we should do when you call us for fireplace services is to conduct a thorough inspection. We know problem signs to look for and what to do about them.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: At least once a year, you should let us clean your chimney, eliminating any dangerous creosote buildup or other issues and ensuring your fireplace is safe for use.
  • Repairs: If your chimney has been damaged for one reason or another, we can complete repairs with high-grade parts and components.

There is no substituting the Tri-County Services style and quality. Contact us now for your fireplace services and cleaning in Camarillo and the surrounding communities.

What Is Creosote & Why Is It So Dangerous?

Burning wood and other fuels in your fireplace will create a chemical byproduct called creosote. As time goes on, creosote begins to build and build inside your fireplace and the flue, looking much like black rocks slowly sticking to the inside. When you schedule a fireplace service from our professionals, we come equipped with industry-grade tools and equipment to clean out creosote buildup.

Creosote buildup is dangerous for two primary reasons:

  • Fire hazard: Creosote is extremely flammable. If it catches fire, it will rapidly combust, potentially even causing explosions within your fireplace and flue. Statistics from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) conservatively estimate that about 20,000 chimney fires that endanger the entire household occur in the country each year, or more than 50 a day.
  • Smoke inhalation hazard: Creosote buildup can become so heavy that it actually clogs the flue. The dangerous byproducts of a burning fireplace – i.e. smoke and carbon monoxide – will not be able to flow freely out of your home and may backflow into your property, creating a severe danger.

Please note: You might have seen DIY creosote cleaning kits, which are just special logs that you burn to release a creosote-dissolving chemical into the flue. However, in all of our years of experience, we have to warn you that DIY creosote cleaning logs are largely ineffective and can actually make things worse. The embers that float off a creosote cleaning log can be enough to ignite the creosote in your chimney, causing the dangerous house fire you were trying to prevent.

How Can I Tell My Fireplace or Chimney Need to Be Cleaned?

Did you know that dirty fireplaces that haven't been properly cleaned or maintained are the second most common cause of house fires? Because you can't fully see into your chimney or fireplace, it can be difficult to tell when yours needs a cleaning.

We recommend calling us to clean your fireplace and/or chimney when:

  • You know there are animals inside: While your fireplace is designed to provide you with warmth, animals see it as a perfect place to build nests. Birds, squirrels, and other rodents tend to be the most common culprits of chimney and fireplace nests. If you hear, or even spot, animals in your chimney or fireplace, it's time to give our technicians a call.
  • Your fireplace smells even when not in use: While the smell of a campfire can be a welcome scent, if you detect the smell of burning wood even when your fireplace isn't lit, it's due time to have it cleansed.
  • You see oily marks on your fireplace's walls: Oily marks are a sign that you have creosote buildup, and thus an indication that you fireplace needs to be cleaned.
  • The fire doesn't burn as well: A dirty fireplace can negatively impact how well the fire burns. If you notice that your fire is burning oddly or doesn't seem to burn as well, it's probably due to a dirty fireplace.
  • The damper is black: Another common sign that you have creosote buildup is a black fireplace damper. You will either see buildup of a soft, flakey substance or a hard, tar-like substance. Either way, it's important to schedule a cleaning.
  • Your fireplace makes your room smoky: If your room starts to become filled with smoke, even with your flue open, it's time for a cleaning.

Give Your Home a Breath of Fresh Air – Call (805) 500-2944

Does your fireplace need servicing and maintenance? Look for:

  • Problems with the pilot light like difficulty igniting
  • Smells of rotten egg, which could indicate a gas leak
  • Noticeable amount of soot around the fireplace or hearth
  • Visible damage, breaks, and defects

To get the fireplace services that you need and at a great cost, count on Tri-County Services in Camarillo. We treat every job as if we were working on our own home because it’s what we expect when hiring a professional for services, too.

Want to know more about fireplace service and cleaning? You can contact us at any time.

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