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How to Maintain Your Air Ducts

Why Are Air Ducts Important?

Air ducts play a critical role in making sure that your temperature controlled air is distributed and circulated throughout your home. They also play an essential role in maintaining good indoor air quality and a functioning HVAC system. Because all air that enters your home goes through your air ducts, it’s critical that they are well maintained in order to keep your indoor air clean.


Aside from just making sure that you’re switching out your air filters, there’s a lot more that goes into air duct cleaning. The good news is that a thorough air duct cleaning only needs to be done every year or two. In the meantime though, you should vacuum out the areas right behind the vents and vacuum the vents themselves. This will keep out a lot of the dust that ends up circulating throughout your home.


Maintenance can be a very critical part of keeping your HVAC running for the life of its expectancy, as well as keeping your home comfortable and free of pollutants. Maintenance can involve regular cleanings to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust inside the air ducts.

Be sure to look for potential signs such as particles blowing out of the vents, tears in the ductwork, and more. These need to be remedied quickly to avoid insects and other harmful problems from infesting your air ducts.

In addition to allowing insects into your ductwork, tears can also harm the efficiency of your unit. A separation in any of the air ducts could be allowing air to seep through which means that temperature controlled air is not getting to where it’s supposed to. This will cause your air conditioning unit to work much harder to cool or heat your home, so it’s necessary that you check in on the efficiency of your air ducts frequently.

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