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Ventura Drain Cleaning

Certified Drain Technicians Removing Clogs In Ventura County & Beyond

Clogged drains can lead to slow drainage, foul odors, and even completely burst pipes. Unfortunately, many homeowners turn to chemical-laden, store-bought drain cleaners to solve the problem. While this might seem like a convenient options, these cleaners are often ineffective, and more problematically, padded with chemicals that can eat away at your pipes, leading to larger issues down the line. That is why if you notice signs of a clogged drain, turn to our certified and highly trained team at TriCounty Services. We are local plumbing professionals who offer effective and high-quality drain cleaning services to homes and businesses in Ventura and throughout Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.

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Why Do Drains Become Clogged in the First Place?

When you call TriCounty Services, you can trust that we will arrive on time and immediately find the source of the clog. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, we have seen, and unclogged it all—and we have found that there are some common culprits to clogs. We’re sharing them with you, so you can spend more time enjoying your property and less time battling damaged drains.

Common reasons for clogged drains include:

  • Grease, food, and fat: Your kitchen sink works hard, and even if you have a garbage disposal installed, we never recommend putting large food stuffs, fat, or grease down the sink, as they can coat your drains and allow more debris to accumulate.
  • Hair: Hair buildup can happen faster than you think, as even just a few strands can become tangled and lodge into small grooves, causing major blockages.
  • Foreign objects: Items like tampons, clipped nailed, and baby wipes are common reasons for unexpected toilet clogs. Even wipes advertising that they are “flushable” should not be flushed due to their ability to ball up and stick to the sides of your pipes.
  • Tree roots or limescale buildup: Sometimes, drains clog for reasons that are outside your control. Older homes in particular are affected by tree root inclusion. However, no matter the age of your property, if your space suffers from “hard” water, limescale buildup can occur.

Trust Your Drains to TriCounty Services!

No matter the reason for or the size of your clog, our team can help. We utilize the most advanced tools and technologies on the market to ensure your drain cleaning is done quickly, cleanly, and professionally. For small clogs, we can use a hand-held snake, and use motorized snakes for larger clogs. We are also proud to offer properties expert hydro jetting services for particularly stubborn clogs—which offers an affordable and long-lasting solution to homes and businesses.

Our professionals at TriCounty Services are dedicated first and foremost to your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. This focus means we never cut corners and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We unclog drains for both residential and commercial properties in Ventura and throughout Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.

Our team is standing by to help your drains remain free and clear. Call us today at (805) 500-2944 or reach out online to learn more.

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