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Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Why Maintenance on your Furnace is a Good Idea 
  • Extend the life of your heating system
  • Prevent high repair
  • Save money on energy
  • Keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place
  • Ensure your home stays comfortable
  • Keep your heating system running

If you take care of your furnace, it will take care of you on those cold nights when you need it the most. Regular cleaning of your heater will help eliminate high repair costs. If it is checked on a regular basis, there is time to catch minor problems before they turn into major problems. Changing your filters and keeping the system clean of dirt and dust will allow your furnace to run more efficiently, instead of over working trying to push through a clogged filter or coil. This saves you money because your system is working more efficiently. Manufacture warranties only stay intact when normal maintenance is done on the system. Just like your car, if you do not get the oil changed and take care of maintenance issues then your warranty is void! Routine maintenance on your heating system means a happy, long-lasting furnace and a warm home.

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