Get the ambiance of a traditional wood burning fireplace, but with the convenience of a gas flame at the flick of a wall switch or the click of a remote control. We offer a large selection of Natural Vent fireplaces also called ‘B-vent’ fireplaces because they use B-Vent chimney flue.

natural vent fireplace tricounty aire

The Natural Vent fireplace is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you want all the warmth and comfort with out the heat generated by a Direct Vent fireplace. The Natural Vent/ B-Vent fireplaces come with operable glass doors offered in a black, brass or pewter finish.

Natural Vent/ B-Vent Benefits:

* Has the look of a wood burning fireplace with out the wood, ash and soot mess

* Operated by light switch or remote control

* Provides ambiance without a tremendous amount of heat

* 6” chimney flue for smaller chase sizes

* Fireplace widths offered in 32”, 36” and 42”

* Operable bi–folding glass doors

* Multi View Fireplaces available