A direct vent unit is a beautiful fireplace that produces a considerable amount of heat and an excellent way to zone heat the area you are in occupying.

Direct vents draw combustion air from outside and they can be conveniently vented either horizontally or vertically. This makes installation very easy and can open up many possibilities to install fireplaces almost anywhere in your home. Direct vents always have the fire behind sealed glass and at no time can the glass be removed or opened when the fireplace is in use.

direct vent fireplace tricounty aire

Choosing the best direct vent fireplace for you would be based on the size and style and amount of heat you wish to add to your room. For those summer nights when you don’t need all that efficient heat, some models offer a heat release kit which allows a portion of the heat to be vented outside.

Benefits and Features of Direct Vent Fireplaces:

  • Efficient heating to help cut heating cost

  • Venting can be installed either horizontal or vertical

  • No chimney necessary

  • Realistic flame and log sets

  • Many sizes and styles available

  • Ability to redirect heat outside or to other adjoining rooms